Our Mission

Currently, U.S.-born Asian Americans aged 18 to 34 constitute the majority of Asian American voters. They have the potential to be a powerful voting block; however, voter registration and turnout amongst this group is historically low.

What can we do to remedy that Gap?

One of the problems related to low participation among Asian American youth is lack of voter contact; it is not necessarily an enthusiasm problem. 

In fact, voter enthusiasm among Asian American young adults was found to be higher than those in other age groups according to a survey study conducted by APIA Vote, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, and AAPI Data in 2014. This suggests that, with significant intentional outreach, turnout amongst Asian Americans millennials has the potential to rise. 

As such, Asian American Millennials Unite is seeking to remedy that contact/mobilization gap by engaging with young Asian Americans aged 18-35 through a digital platform. 


Asian American Millennials Unite (AAMUnite) is a national, nonpartisan initiative that aims to engage Asian American youth aged 18-35 in the electoral process through a digital platform rooted in storytelling and social media campaigns. Its goal is to build a dedicated Asian American Millennial electorate that actively participates in voting.

This initiative is in its incubation phase. Help us launch this ambitious new initiative that’s focused on untapping the political power of the Asian American Millennial (AAM) demographic. Our ultimate goal is to motivate more AAMs across the US to vote in the next Presidential election. Visit our Contact Us page to find out how to get involved!

Only one in three Asian Americans (31 percent) and about one in four Pacific Islanders (26 percent) were contacted (by campaigns, political parties or other election-focused groups)
— National Asian American Survey, Beyond the Numbers Report (2012)