An Official Statement

AAMUnite was formed as a nonpartisan initiative. One year later, we continue to strive to inspire AAPI activists and allies at any stage of their civic journey, regardless of their political party.

That said, AAMUnite is also a collective that believes—that fundamentally believes—in equality. We’re living in a time when this bears repeating, and we do so proudly.

AAMUnite strongly advocates for gender equity and the economic, social and political empowerment of all women. AAMunite understands that feminism must be inclusive of the voices and the struggles of women of color. AAMUnite supports immigrants of all backgrounds regardless of status, and individuals of all faiths and sexual orientations. AAMUnite reaffirms that Black lives matter. AAMUnite supports Native communities and strives to fight against the imperialism and colonialism that continue to pervade systems of power.

And we will continue to fight, fiercely and unapologetically, for the policy measures and the rarely celebrated community leaders who protect and support the members of the AAPI community.

We want to be absolutely clear. Our commitment to inclusion, equity and the dignity of all humans is NOT a partisan value.

Human rights are not secured by splintering identities. They are not won by simply bearing witness. Tomorrow, we march. The next day, we organize. Today and every day we will uplift, we will speak out, and we will unite.

Unapologetically in solidarity with the Women’s Marches across the United States,

The AAMUnite Team