AAPI’s Live Reactions to the Second Presidential Debate

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Melania is on point with that pink.

Bill coming out with dat smile.

Anderson our boiiiii.


Spotted at least 1 ethnically East Asian person on the Gallup group. Progress? When they hate each other so much they refuse to shake one another’s hands. It’s ok, Hillary, I wouldn’t either. Don’t know where his have been.

He agrees with her? Oh lord. That’s interesting.

Mmm Donald coming out with the canned apology from the get-go. Ooh, and 100% veering away from the actual question. Because the Obamacare talking point is relevant to “modeling appropriate behavior.” Let’s just not try. Lol.

So now he actually has positions? Also #LawandOrder *dun dun*

Locker room talk? That’s rich. Was it also locker room talk when he trashed Mexicans, immigrants, Asian Americans, etc. etc. etc.? He needs to own his racist, sexist, misogynistic comments.

“I have great respect for women” is not an answer to “have you ever sexually assaulted someone?” Also, he’s literally just repeating scripted lines. Someone clearly yelled at him.

To the previous comment: 

Just words? And You ain’t gonna do crap to help the inner cities. I wanna hear some plans.

Donald Trump using gaslighting - a classic domestic abuse behavior - against the American people right now is probably more despicable than him refusing to genuinely apologize for his words of sexual assault.

So you defending Bernie now?... oh god now the emails

He’s such a bully. Rather than present any plan or solutions, he constantly chooses to intimidate anyone who disagrees with him.

I have yet to hear any plans. Also, it’s getting dirty.

Wait...he’s a gentleman? Someone, pass me the popcorn.

I’m glad we are finally talking about the issues now.

Anderson “you got a plan? Tell me the details” Trump: “I have such a great plan!!”

“It’s a shame” re: Islamophobia - says Donald Trump, the #1 catalyst of 2016 Islamophobia.

Clinton could’ve handled the “public/private” question better by making a modern-day point about having a personal opinion on something, but going with the electorate. For example, politicians who privately disagree with abortion, but will uphold a woman’s right to choose because your personal religious beliefs shouldn’t overrule the will of the people.

The feeling I’m getting from the hall mirrors my own: this election season has been way too long, and I’m depressed about the state of our nation. I’m a political junkie, but this whole debate (and the last few weeks) feels like an extended, exhausted exhale. I’d love ONE DAY that doesn’t involve feeling outraged and so damn tired.

I feel, I feel. It’s so sad that we’ve gotten so far polarized. Plus the fact that (IMO), there’s one candidate with qualifications, and one with well...a reality show.

In my corner, I think what makes watching this debate that much harder is the fact that I have to fact check Donald in real time with my family, who respond to certain elements of his rhetoric that speak to them.

Absolutely. I experience similar things with my family as well. Words DO matter. Words ARE powerful. They can leave a lasting impact on someone - so what can we do? We have to fact check.

We are not way behind on our nuclear program. I am pretty sure we have advanced weapons


Trump needs to get good on his foreign policy. Like seriously, I need a plan, not just reasons on how it could’ve been caused.

If you are still hooting for a candidate who has condoned violence against people of color in his rallies, catalyzed Islamophobia and xenophobia in this country, and has been recorded talking about sexually assaulting a woman, you are making sure that this vacuum of values becomes President. Deplorable isn’t right. It’s hatred and white supremacy holding onto its last seats of power.

It’s really hard for me to wrap my head around this. I think deplorable is the right word. Though, I understand how it can be “divisive” as well. However, to backtrack. I think what is more divisive is exactly what you just mentioned. If you ‘boo’ at Hillary’s comments, yet cheer on violence against people of color, exclusionary policies that target immigrants, misogynistic comments, etc. THAT is  TRULY divisive.

Trump, if the EPA didn’t exist, we would have so much more pollution. Companies would put their waste into rivers where we drink, lands where we grow food, etc. Clean coal is great, but it can’t power my car.

Winning question at the end there. I think, I think we just saw Donald Trump endorse Hillary Clinton.

*insert confused expression*