Spotlighting the political power

of the new generation of Asian America

What's the issue?

Currently, U.S.-born Asian Americans aged 18 to 34 constitute the majority of Asian American voters. However, voter registration and turnout among registered Asian American youth is historically low. This mobilization gap is largely intensified by the fact that Asian American stories and perspectives have historically been overlooked, leading to stereotypes, poor media representation, and erasure from both US history and modern American civil society.

What can we do?

Only one in three Asian Americans (31 percent) and about one in four Pacific Islanders (26 percent) were contacted (by campaigns, political parties or other election-focused groups)
— National Asian American Survey, Beyond the Numbers Report (2012)

Asian American Millennials Unite (AAMUnite) spotlights the political power of the new generation of Asian America by uplifting the voices of young Asian Americans with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. Through being unapologetically engaged and unapologetically ourselves, we empower change agents, activists and artists, while building the civic identity of rising leaders.

We reject the model minority myth, but also recognize the privilege that can come with this stereotype, and we seek to actively uplift other marginalized voices and serve as strong allies for marginalized voices.


Our goal is to motivate more API Millennials across the U.S. speak out about civic issues that matter to them and about the unique and important stories they and their families carry. We also seek to learn from and provide resources to young activists, building a network of effective advocates and allies.

AAMUnite shares original content and editorials from API millennial activists and hosts events where API millennials to network, challenge one another and embody the AAMUnite mission.

What can you do?

Volunteer. Build bridges. Make a difference. Together, we’ll show the world what it means to be an Asian American millennial.


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